Sportlink Solutions

The Sportlink Ecosystem at the time of this writing hosts ten different member associations, including nine different sports: soccer, hockey, handball, volleyball, swimming, korfball, boxing, judo and taekwondo. The number of registered members totals more than two million. Over 7,000 different clubs are registered and more than 10,000 different sports venues. The total number of matches that are planned reaches one million each year. By itself the Royal Dutch Football Association organizes 30,000 matches for 60,000 teams each week, assigning around 7,000 officials. The annual, automatically calculated, travel reimbursement costs for all these officials reaches five million euro's. The annual contribution cash flow, processed by our software within the sports club community is around 100,000,000 euro's for member contributions only. The total sports community, including parents and close family, easily reaches four million people. Hence, four million people are actively interacting with the Sportlink Ecosystem.

A functional architecture of the system is depicted below

The total system, the Service Layer, is composed of around eighteen hundred different web services, the system serves on average, during the day, five hundred web services per second to all the different consuming client applications. The usage range of the system is 24x7. Weekly and sometimes daily changes are being implemented in this high traffic live Sportlink System without any downtime except for major upgrades to database systems or network infrastructure.


Sportlink: facilitating a Sports Ecosystem

The software architecture that drives the Sportlink Ecosystem explained in a nice video (source: our software development partner Dexels)

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