Sportlink has divided its organisation into different disciplines each with its own responsiblities. Each discipline is formed by a team that is composed of both Sportlink employees as well as employees of Sportlink's partners. By following this model, Sportlink is able to both secure discipline specific knowledge and to use extended knowledge from its partners.

The Service Desk team

The service team is the first entry point for all of Sportlink's customers. The service team registers and processes client calls, if possible by itsself, otherwise the call will be escalated to the application maintenance team or the software development team.

The Application maintenance team

Application maintenance is responsible for maintaining the applications and solving bottlenecks. Client calls originate from the service team which are analysed by application maintanance to suggest changes for improvement. Application maintenance is closely related (and partly overlapping) with the development team. Also, application maintenance holds close contacts with clients to translate existing business processes to working processes for the Sportlink system and to identify new business developments.

The Technical maintenance team

This team is responsible for the correct functioning of the technical hardware- and system software infrastructure by means of pro-active and, if neccessary, re-active maintenance. Pro-active maintenance includes timely identification of bottlenecks and taking the proper measures. Updates and patches of system software and hardware firmware will be monitored and if whenever mandatory, these updates will be implemented. Another important task for this team is backup and recovery of data.

The Project team

This team is responsible for managing both new product developments as well as implementing the Sportlink system for new customers. Besides more or less fixed project managers, the projectteam is typically formed on an ad-hoc basis depending on the needs. A project team can include members that originally reside in any of the other teams.

The Development team

The Development team is responsible for the design and implementation of the software architecture. Its tasks include integrating the Sportlink system with other information systems, refactoring existing software and building new functionality.

The Sportlink Ecosystem

The Sportlink system offers many functional modules which can be used in various sports organization related processes. Its serves a variety of different types of users and different sports associations.

sportlink ecosystem